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All massage spa treatments are performed in a lush setting of quiet tranquility, peacefully nurtured by the comforting sound of our four waterfalls. Kanani Pearl Spa is an urban, island retreat in the distinctive Pearl District of Portland, Oregon. Our staff of professional therapists is dedicated to improving your health and well-being.  Please consult with your therapist to determine your ideal treatment.

Kanani Custom Massage

Our Custom massages may ingtegrate techniques of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Lomilomi and others.  Our intention is to help you attain your wellness goals.

60/85 minutes


Mana Lomi* style is deep tissue, therapeutic, or gently relaxing, a traditional Hawaiian massage that connects the heart, mind, body and soul. This sacred healing art, passed down from generation to generation, utilizes rhythmic strokes integrating the use of forearms and elbows.

85 minutes $133

Lomi'ili'ili (Hawaiian Hot Stone Therapy)

Hawaiian Hot Stone or "flat stones in motion," is an ancient Hawaiian method of using hot stones to massage the body. Therapeutic, deeplypenetrating, and so relaxing.

85 minutes

Hapai (pregnancy) Massage

Using a special body support system, this is a nurturing and relaxing massage, providing great care for the comfort of the mother in each stage of pregnancy.

60 minutes $103

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy

Ashiatsu is the deepest, most luxurious massage created by our therapist using her feet and body weight to give the deepest massage possible.

We only provide this massage to people experienced in receiving massage.  Ashiatsu is for people with chronic low and upper back pain, sciatica, and tight hamstrings.

85 minutes $153

Massage Extras

  • Add a Body Scrub to any massage
    30 minutes     $62


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Spa Etiquette

New to Kanani Pearl? Visit our Spa Specifics Page for our etiquette and tips to make the most of your time at the spa.


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